Calendar Club UK works with various, national charities including Help for Heroes and Guide Dogs, to raise awareness and funds for charities through the sale of their calendars both online and in-store. In these cases, nearly all charitable donations are the publishers' responsibility and all the calendars we sell clearly state the amounts that go to those charities. To date we have helped to raise over £60,000 for Help for Heroes, as well as sponsoring 5 Guide Dogs for the blind since 2013 through collection boxes in-store with all collection box proceeds going direct to the charity.

As you might imagine, we receive many requests to sell one-off calendars from new publishers promoting a local charity in their area. Many of these fun calendars feature willing volunteers who have offered their time and dedication to the cause. Although we would love to stock them all, there are various factors which prevent us from doing so, including limited stock space in the stores, suitability of images and store running costs that would adversely affect the proceeds from the calendars' sales.

Calendar Club UK always tries to work with new publishers of charity calendars in the early stages, to make sure that we can maximise the amount of money going to the charity, while at the same time covering the business costs for both the publisher and Calendar Club. We also like to discuss with the publisher whether the best option really is for Calendar Club UK to stock and sell the calendar, rather than for the publisher to sell it directly without our support. Where publishers can sell their calendars direct to customers, the maximum amount of the sale of that calendar can go to the charity and we usually encourage any publisher/charity to take this approach first. We are very happy to give advice on how to achieve this given our experience as a calendar retailer. Regional / local charity calendars can do very well if they are promoted locally in newspapers, on the radio or in local clubs and most new publishers decide to start selling this way.

When we do stock charity calendars we do not set out to profit from these calendars. Rather, we try to maximise sales in order to raise the optimum amount for the charity, while at the same time looking to cover our costs. By selling these calendars both on-line and in-store, we can give valuable exposure to the charity as well as giving people an opportunity to show their support. Our primary motivation in carrying charity calendars is not profit for ourselves, but helping to raise money for the charity; a similar approach to retailers who sell charity Christmas cards.

If you think that you may have a charity calendar which might be suitable for Calendar Club UK to consider stocking and selling on your behalf, please email to start the conversation. We will need to see a complete version of the calendar as a PDF - please attach to the email - and when you have samples printed, please post at least one to the address below. Please be aware that while we deal with all submissions as quickly as we can, the consideration process can take several weeks due to the volume of requests.

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