2017-2018 Trading Season

    Wales Scotland N. Ireland England
Quantity of bags sold 12,903 69,286 8,332 N/A
Gross amount received £645.15 £3,464.30 £416.60 N/A
Net amount (Gross-VAT) £516.12 £2,771.44 £333.28 N/A


The single use carrier bag total charge (Gross value) recorded through our EPOS systems in Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland is therefore £4,526.05. This was generated from the sale of 90,521 units.

The Net proceeds of the charges, therefore total £3,620.84.

A donation of £1,100 will be made to the Guide Dogs and a value of £2,521 will be paid to the Marine Conversation Society in May 2018.

As a responsible retailer, we believe that carrier bag charging schemes should not be about making money. The Scottish programme Zero Waste Scotland for example, suggests that these schemes should be about changing our habits, stopping to think about whether we need a new bag and remembering to take our existing bags with us. We completely agree. It is true that we can all save ourselves 5p with each purchase when we do remember to reuse, but as importantly, we can help save the environment and reduce our strain on the world's resources as a whole.

Until we are all in the habit of remembering to bring our own reusable bags, we want to be sure that each sale of a carrier bag contributes a positive social effect.

Since September 2015, any proceeds collected from carrier bag sales in all of our 280+ stores and mall units have been donated in full to charities that work for social good or help to protect and improve the environment. Read more about our charity partners for 2018.

Happy shopping and remember, take your bags with you when you shop at Calendar Club UK. Thank you.